These are the movements associated with each belt level (cordel). These are earned on approximately a yearly basis during a graduation ceremony, an event where students must perform in front of their peers and guests. Prior to the ceremony, each student must be qualified by demonstrating the appropriate movements and music associated with each level.


Verde – 01 – Green

Video of sequence (link)
Phonetic pronunciation guide for Cordel Verde (link)

Verde e Amarelo I Cordel – 02 – Green & Yellow I

Verde e Amarelo II Cordel – 03 – Green & Yellow II

Phonetic pronunciation guide for Cordel Verde e Amarelo I and II (link)

Amarelo I Cordel – 04 – Yellow I

Amarelo II Cordel- 05 – Yellow II

Amarelo e Azul I Cordel – 06 – Yellow & Blue I

Amarelo e Azul II Cordel – 07 – Yellow & Blue II

Azul I Cordel – 08 – Blue I

Azul II Cordel – 09 – Blue II