Group and private classes for kids (age 5+) and adults of all experience levels
~ Small groups, 8 students max., outdoors only during this time ~

The focus of these classes is to establish the fundamentals of skating in each student so that they are independent and confident skaters. Each individual has their own pace to learn and we encourage everyone to practice daily (even if only for 15 mins) to allow these new skills to solidify. Students are welcome to learn in either type of skates – inline (“blades”) and roller (“quads”) skates as the concepts are very similar.


Level 1

  • How to wear safety gear
  • Proper skate fitting
  • V-shuffle forward
  • Basic forward stride
  • Stop with brake
  • Lemon/plow stop
  • T-stop
  • Spin stop
  • Turns (A-frame)
  • Skate maintenance/adjustment

Level 2

  • Continuous lemons forward
  • Continuous lemons backward
  • Downhill speed control
  • Backwards shuffle
  • Backwards strides
  • Downhill backwards (“fakie”)
  • Transition forward to backward
  • 180 jumps
  • Forward heel pivot
  • Parallel turns
Wheel rotation!


Upcoming locations:

Vizcaya community, Round Rock, TX
Teravista community, Round Rock, TX


  • Face mask (Covid-19 prevention)
  • Helmet (bicycle type is ok)
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Wrist guards
  • Skates that fit well

*Please ask if you need advice about any of these items of gear


  • $25 – $35 / student per group lesson (60 min, location dependent)
  • $50 for 1 individual private lesson (45 – 60 min)
  • Small private group lesson $50 first student + $35 each additional student (max. 4, plus additional fee depending on location)


"Megha is a great coach and really good and patient with kids. My son loves the sessions and we look forward to those. He has improved a lot within a few weeks and I would recommend Megha as a skating coach!"
Paloma Lake, 2021

Ready to roll with us?