We are committed to cultural enrichment through performances, workshops, and classes for kids and adults in Brazilian capoeira, dance, and music around Palo Alto, EPA, Menlo Park, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale. 

Photo Credit: Tanya Sleiman, 2018


Capoeira for Kids and Families

Kids can practice with their family members together in this fun class!

Capoeira for Teens and Adults

Learn the music and movements of capoeira in a supportive environment while getting fit with friends!


Capoeira for Kids and Adults

If you can’t drop in a class in our various locations, you can customize a workshop to fit your group’s needs at a location of your choice. Instruments will be provided.

Are you a martial artist or weight-lifter and want to take your movement training to the next level? Bring in our instructors to your dojo or gym, and get a your friends together for a fun and challenging workshop!

Bring one of our teaching artists to facilitate a fun session with your colleagues. Learn fun samba dance steps and groovy drum rhythms to get everyone moving together! All necessary drums and music will be provided.

Local Partners & Affiliates

East Palo Alto based Brazilian culture organization providing a variety of arts instruction for all ages. They also provide live music and sound for large events.

SF Bay Area based non-profit organization that combines communication and performance strategies to facilitate dialogue around issues of interpersonal relationships, intercultural dynamics, community engagement, and  team building.

Berkeley based cultural organization providing instruction in a variety of dance styles from Brazil. They also host frequent performances, community events, and dance parties.

San Jose based organization providing capoeira classes for kids and adults.

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Learn more about classes, demos, workshops, live Brazilian music, performances, DJ, and even tours to Brazil!

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