megha vocal

Hi, my name is Megha. I founded Music & Movement Arts to be able to share my passion for music and movement through education and performance. In 2017, I completed my doctorate in biology at Stanford University, where I studied human thermoregulation and exercise physiology. While I am no longer doing research in a lab, I hope to soon apply my scientific expertise to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum of exercise science and practice. I am also a devoted student of music, languages, and cultures from around the world. My mission is to help people stay fit and healthy by bringing rhythm and movement into their everyday lives while providing an inclusive and positive community.

I’ve studied capoeira since 2008 under my teacher, Mestre Bei├žola, in his group Capoeira Narahari through the Stanford Capoeira Club. As a part of his company, Brazivedas, I’ve performed in many shows, demonstrations, workshops, and taught classes for kids and adults in the Bay Area. I’ve also had the privilege of sharing my experience in events all over the world, including Korea, Japan, India, Peru, Morocco, Spain, and Brazil.

My musical background spans vocals, Brazilian percussion, pandeiro, cavaquinho (Brazilian ukulele), guitar, drumset, and DJing (samba, funk, disco, soul, and house are my favorite music to spin – basically, anything with a good dance groove!) as DJ Malagueta. I currently play with local bands in the San Francisco Bay Area. (video)

Yearly trips to various cities around the world in order to study with other master instructors allow me to supplement my education and further advance my knowledge of music, dance, capoeira, and foreign languages.