New to capoeira?

The best way to learn what it is, is to try it out. You can watch this video and reach out if you have any questions. During each class, you will learn music and movements unique to capoeira (as well as physical conditioning) and you will get immediate feedback as I am watching each student. You can ask questions at any time. Hope to see you in class!

Pricing & Payment:

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds, please register and request a reduction

$15 drop-in
$120 for 10-class pack
(Free trial class and sibling discounts available)

Venmo: @megha-makam

You can also use a Credit Card via PayPal:

3% processing fee will be added at checkout



Please fill out this form, even if you plan to drop-in! You only need to fill it out once to get into the system and receive details about classes you register for.

How online class works:

BEFORE signing in, please register!:

  1. Mark your calendars (Zoom meeting links below or see Google Calendar events)
  2. Clear a space at home, about 7′ x 7′
  3. Download Zoom client, laptop is best but mobile also available.

Please follow these steps at the BEGINNING of the video class:

  1. Make sure your mic is muted
  2. Pin my screen to yours (right click or find the … in the upper right corner for this view option)

Classes Available:


For those with 6+ months of capoeira experience, who have an understanding of the foundations and basic movements. We will cover more advanced concepts.

[Currently Unavailable]

90min class format:

  • 30 min music
  • 60 min movement (warm-up, conditioning, cool-down/stretching)


A beginner-focused introduction to a few different Brazilian dances including capoeira and samba. We’ll also explore drumming rhythms used in those dances.

[Currently Unavailable]


We will do simple movements for you to work on at home with the kiddos. Strength, agility, flexibility, and acrobatics! (Grown-ups may sweat more than the kids.)

Sundays, 9am PST

60min class format:

  • 15 min music
  • 45 min movement

Calendar w/ Zoom links:
If you see a link, class is on!