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Coisa Boa Eu Vi

Que Som Bonito

Santo Antônio Quero Água

Sim Sim Sim (Não Não Não)

Sai Sai Catarina

Ai Ai Aidê

Vem Jogar Mais Eu (Mano Meu)

Vem Jogar Mais Eu (Mano Meu)
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Marinheiro Só

Eu Vivo Num Ninho de Cobra

Tamos Juntos, Misturados

Zoom Classes During COVID19

3/19/2020 – All Levels
Password: letsmovewithmeg

3/26/2020 – All Levels

4/29/20 – Kids & Family

3/20/2020 – Beginner

3/29/2020 – Kids & Family

5/17/20 – Kids & Beginners

3/21/2020 – Beginner

4/23/20 – All Levels

6/7/20 – Kids & Family

3/24/2020 – All Levels

4/28/20 – All Levels

8/13/20 – All Levels


15-minute warm-up

Keep your hips and back healthy, strengthen your glutes!

Work on flexibility through these yoga videos

Level 1 - Green Belt (Cordel Verde)

Green belt sequence

3 main bases: parallel, diagonal, and linear

Ginga – moveable base connecting all other movements

Negativa – low base and escape
Rolê – travel upside down (roll)

Armada inversa

1 minute choreography using fundamental movements [front view]

1 minute choreography using fundamental movements [back view]

Level 2 - Green-Yellow Belt (Cordel Verde-Amarelo)

Part 1 – Green-Yellow Belt Sequence

Part 2 – Green-Yellow Belt Sequence

This combination, aú fugitivo (meaning “running away”) followed immediately by benção pulada, allows you to quickly escape, make space, and release a surprising counterattack.