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Advanced Movers
(experienced athletes)

handstand feet

Are you looking for an additional movement modality to cross-train a different athletic practice or martial art? Do you do cross-fit, boxin, muay thai, or ju-jitsu? Do you lift weights but want to apply your strengths to moving and body flow? Movement schools like GMB, Ido Portal Movement Culture, and others have implemented movements and approaches from capoeira to their branded programs. Explore the roots of capoeira flow and corporeal conversation during a workshop that you will leave understanding movement linkage, response, timing, acrobatics, and much more!

flyer for dance and drumming

Brazilian Dance & Drumming

The workshop begins with an introduction to Brazilian samba reggae music. Your instructor will guide participants with each step how to feel the beat and move together as a group. After everyone has embodied the music and understood the rhythms, they are ready to transfer that feeling to the percussion instruments. Each section of drummers will be taught a separate rhythm pattern that when combined together, creates the famous and infectious samba groove. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to dance along while the others are drumming! An excellent team-building activity!

Capoeira workshops are for any age group with any (or no) athletic background. Participants will learn a few basic movements like the “ginga” and escapes and kicks. Since capoeira is practiced with music, your instructor will teach simple capoeira songs in Portuguese, as well as how to clap along and play the drums. Finally, we will put it all together in a “roda”, where two players play each other as everyone else supports them and surrounds them with music.