Perform an a cappella rendition of “Take My Breath Away”  and “Danger Zone” that have been lyrically altered for the occasion of Devon’s Farewell party on Jan 27.


1. Listen to the full mix to get an idea of the end product we hope to create

2. Choose the vocal part(s) you want to sing. We’ve arranged 4 parts for a range of voices.

3. RSVP here either way by Wednesday, January 17 at 9pm

4. Listen to your part boosted to learn it. 

5. Use the second version with your part removed to practice it.

6. BONUS SONG: If you want, learn BABY ZONE!



Revving up your engine
Heading to the eastern shore
We know that you love us
Even though you have to go

Highway to the baby zone
Ride into the baby zone

Still awake at midnight
She’s spreading out her feedings tonight
She got ya Jumping out of bed
Hoping you can settle her cries

Highway to the baby zone
She’ll take you right into the baby zone

One day she’ll say hello to you
Before you know it she’ll be almost out the door
Just when your heart might break in two
you look at Hadley and say “hey, how ’bout one moooore!”

Highway to the baby zone
Ride into the baby zone
Highway to the baby zone
Ride into the baby zone


Play air guitar and vocalize during the guitar solo

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Bring your baby rattle and a pair of aviator-style sunglasses 😎 – we’ll put them on during the very last note of “Please Don’t Move Away”. Moustaches encouraged!

At the party:

6/6:15pm secret rehearsal (must find top secret location!!)

6:30pm we hit the “stage”

6:45pm short speech & gifts for Devon and Hadley who are by now a soggy puddle 

Party on.